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In My Mango Tree

Who am I? Who are you?

Do you like to make new connections? Do you like design? Do you have a passion for nature? I do! Perhaps we can connect.

Who am I? My name is Anna Grönlund and I have lived and worked and have friends and family all over the world. I want to contribute to the connection and exchange between people, countries, cultures, producers and consumers.


I also want to restore the connection between humans and nature, and between stuctures in the nature - which we have disconnected.


I am a scientist and I love the study of life. I believe in the force of a personal meeting, and that any exchange of a service or a product should come with a story and a mutual responsability.

We have opened our doors to women in Madagascar, Namibia, South Africa and Uganda in Africa.We offer you to get to know them and their craft. We will provide you with an extra value to your buy. We want to be transparent and accountable for the whole chain - from soil to sale.


We want our business to be fair, sustainable and clean, and to be supportive of wildlife and nature. We want to create a market for small scale producers and to enable women to take control of their own fate and to make plans for the future.


When I leave this life, what can I carry and what do I leave behind? Perhaps the moments I have shared with you. So please climb up my tree and find your own fruit!


My business is named after the mangotree in my backyard in Gweru, Zimbabwe. It reminds me of the best in this world. It carried so much fruit that I had to share it with others.


We also offer Environmental and Ecology Consultant Services. I have many years of working experience from Sweden and Zimbabwe. Please read more about In My Mango Tree Consulting on the next page.


Why do I think that you want to buy from In My Mango Tree Shop? Because it will uplift you.


Why do I think that you want to work with In My Mango Tree Consulting? Because we can give each other a new perspective.


What do you do?

Do you want to make a wish? Do you want to speak out? Do it here!

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  • Research
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  • Small enterprises
  • Fair
  • Personal
  • Sustainable
  • Slow

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  • Madagascar
  • Namibia
  • South Africa
  • Uganda
  • Sweden
  • and counting


In My Mango Tree, mail@inmymangotree.se, +46 702 676 216

Killebodavägen 170-59, S-291 56 Arkelstorp, Sweden